"Object not found!" on Vista with XAMPP

i got problem "Object not found!" access to any directory except default xampp folders and files.

Vista Home Premium ver6.0 SP1
XAMPP 1.7.1

Apache and MySQL Servie(Svc) installed.
That asked when I installing XAMPP.

OK --> access to default xampp folders or files.
NG --> created new folders or files and then access them.

NG means "Object not found!" to display.

That problem Vista UAC.
Apache service isn't running admin permission.
Proberbly, That started user permission.

1. right-clicking "xampp-control.exe" then clicking the "Run As Administrator".
2. reselect "Svc" check-box @ XAMPP Control Panel.
3. restart Apache service.

You shouldn't check Apache or other service when ask you check install services.